Free Live Writing & Publishing Webinar


Friday, July 15, 2022 2p PST / 5p EST

It's free

Free Live Writing & Publishing Webinar


Friday, July 15, 2022 at 2p PST / 5p EST

It's free

Becoming a published author is not only the best marketing tool you could ever use build your brand, but it is the #1 most powerful way to make an Impact and leave a Legacy


I thought that writing and publishing a book simply meant I’d get a fancy title and some royalties. Unexpectedly, I got so much more:

  • It opened doors that I never knew existed and boosted my confidence and Identity
  • It established me as an Authority in my niche and skyrocketed my business to 6-figures
  • It changed lives simply by my decision to share my story
  • It healed parts of me - this process is DEEPLY cathartic
  • It transformed me into the truest, most unapologetic, most empowered version of myself

Here's what you'll learn

Becoming a first time author can be intimidating, not to mention the thought of what it takes to become a Bestselling Author. The process is likely not what you think and I’ll be breaking down the most common myths about writing and publishing in this information-packed free live session.



The time-saving secret to writing your book that doesn’t add more to your plate


Why you don't have to be a talented writer to produce a powerful and impactful book


That writing and publishing is more more affordable than you think


The reason you don't need a big following or a book deal to become a Bestselling Author 


A note from Samantha Joy,

International Identity Coach & Speaker, Writing Coach to aspiring authors, and #1 Bestselling Author of
The Less Effect

Four years ago I embarked on my own book writing journey and eight short weeks later I became a #1 Bestselling Author…twice. Since then, numerous doors have opened for me, I have been named a “Top Business Coach to Look Out For in 2021” by Yahoo Finance, 10x-ed my income, and have transformed into the highest version of myself. It all happened when I finally decided to say “yes” to myself and whatever it took to make my dream a reality.

Once I cracked the code, I knew I needed to share this information with the world, not only to reveal how achievable the writing and publishing process is, but to create transformations across the globe. Becoming a bestselling author has been the most pivotal experience in my life next to birthing my child, and I would not be where I am today without this journey

What clients are saying about Samantha Joy

“Sam’s motivation, direction, and belief in me and my vision made it easy to sit down and get the words onto paper. It was a cathartic experience and allowed me to see myself and my work more fully. Sam made what once seemed like an intimidating process so easy. Becoming a 6x #1 Bestselling Author is one of the most profound identity shifts I’ve ever experienced.”

- Geneva Montano, Midwife & Bestselling Author of “Wisdom From the Womb”

“Samantha Joy is absolutely incredible to work with. I have published three books before and she made the process so much easier by keeping me accountable, not to mention her vast knowledge of marketing in the publishing process. With her guidance, I became a #1 Bestselling Author. I would highly recommend working with her if you’re ready to birth your book into the world.”

- Sam Kabert, Serial Entrepreneur, Podcast Host of “Soul Seekr”, Bestselling Author of "SOUL/Life Balance"

“Working with Sam has been an amazing journey and going through this process with her support has helped me to really heal and realize my potential. Sam’s guidance allowed me to get all of my ideas out and organize them so I could focus on my writing and zone of genius. I could not have done this without her.”

- Lance Essihos, Host of the Top Rated Podcast, “University of Adversity”, Pending Author of "Mastering Adversity" (Release Date: September 21)

“I hired Sam to help me publish two books. With both, I became a Bestselling author, which opened numerous doors for me and my business. I attribute it all to Sam and her process. Worth every penny and so much more.”

 - Jaime McFaden, Self-Care Specialist & Bestselling Author of “Sofia’s Village” and "WAVES of Self-Care"

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